Fokker F.XX

The Netherlands, 1933 - Designed as a follow-up for the F.XII, the F.XX linked its nice lines to bad luck and the type quickly became history. The introduction of the F.XX was a projected record breaking mail flight to the Dutch East Indies in 1933. Engine trouble prevented this flight that was so successfully done a few days later by KLM's 'Pelikaan', an older type Fokker. It was Fokker's first aircraft fitted with a retractable landing gear and oval fuselage sections. Only one was built. It found a disgraceful end in the Spanish Civil War.

Model FM10
Scale 1:72
Span 14.2 inch / 36 cm.
Livery KLM
Price € 1500

Indicated net prices as from July 2012.
Members of the EEC should add 21% V.A.T.


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